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About the Studio

Who We Are

尔我空间设计研究室 是由丁鹏文先生始创的以90后组成的多元化空间设计研究室。我们的设计范围涵盖小型商业空间,高端定制化私宅空间,从室内设计到产品设计,品牌策划 ,展览策划等等,我们都将以设计人的初心来探索研究。

尔我喻为你我,宏观来说是一种包容 这世道无外乎你和我,旨为召集更多热爱设计的年轻人 一起为中国青年设计力量发声。微观来讲,是一种介于两者之间的说辞。两者理解为单体的两个自我, 是内心的不同属性的自我对峙,是感性和理性的矛盾体,是⼀种真实,纠结,矛盾和依存的状态 。

Erwo Space Design Research Office is a diversified space design research office founded by Mr. Ding Pengwen and composed of post-90s. Our design scope covers small commercial space, high-end customized private house space, from interior design to product design, brand planning, exhibition planning, etc., we will explore and research with the original intention of the designer.
You and I are compared to you and me, macroscopically, it is a kind of tolerance. The world is nothing more than you and me. It aims to gather more young people who love design to speak out for the power of Chinese youth design. Microscopically speaking, it is a rhetoric between the two. The two are understood as two single selves, a self-confrontation of different attributes in the heart, a contradiction between sensibility and rationality, and a state of reality, entanglement, contradiction and dependence.

About the Team

The Designers Who Make All the Difference

AW  DESIGN are experienced, passionate interior designers who love passing on their skills and knowledge onto their clients. We are a family of creative minds, and qualified professionals in a variety of different design fields who are bound by an undying passion for interior design and decorating. Our group of professional interior designers will work together with you on your upcoming project.

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我们注重空间的感官交互 注重情感的表达 注重想象的触达 注重个体化的可能和记忆的生动 .

我们塑造空间 将理性归于经验 归于功能和适宜 完成一部分期待 ; 将感性归于身体 归于所有自然产生的因愫 , 归于个体的思辨 ,归于异议 ,完成一部分惊喜 .   我们擅长情境和故事 擅长空间记忆锚点的建立.

我们将艺术垄为意识形态 , 去构建且接纳差异化的美 , 在设计中鼓励独立的认知和勇敢的表达 .

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