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Nanjing, 江苏省中国

Job Type


About the Role


1. Sort out the project plan, submit a creative design proposal within the agreed period, and on this basis, coordinate and complete the follow-up design work with high quality, control and ensure project quality and project progress
2. Organize and carry out design deepening work, and be directly responsible for the deepening and expression of drawings and the completion of nodes
3. Communicate with the design director on the plan, maintain stickiness with Party A and solve relevant questions in a timely manner, establish a good and effective work match with the construction party, find problems and solve them
4. Coordinate design, construction, cooperation between Party A and suppliers, participate in project reporting and communication as the first person in charge and presenter






1. Bachelor degree or above in a professional college (environmental art, interior design, architectural design related majors)

2. More than three years of experience in independently completing projects, with more than five sets of real-life photos of subdivided projects, and sufficient ability to follow up projects and solve problems

4. Can independently complete software such as SU/AUTOCAD/ENSCAPE/PS

5. Good image and temperament, excellent communication skills, active and rigorous sense of responsibility and teamwork ability

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